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Having already identified that their ‘bag-in-box’ packaging was outdated and out of favour with customers, Jordans initiated a modern solution to one of their most popular cereal lines.

Their objectives were clear; reduce costs, replace the packaging with something easy to open, and make the product ‘pop’ off the shelves and into shopping baskets.

However, they soon realised that complex project workstreams were putting the programme at risk. Launching the new re-sealable pouches had uncovered challenges from production line to product branding. With major customers waiting and costs spiralling, Jordans needed results fast.

That’s when they put in a call to our people-powered hotline! Because breathing life into stale operations is what we live to do. We relished this opportunity to provoke performance improvement by simplifying complexities.

“Coriolis have a real hands-on approach, engaging staff from the shop floor all the way up.”

Factory Manager

Getting any transformation programme back-on-track starts and ends with the people. Working hand-in-hand with operational staff at every step, we were able to quickly gain trust, increase ownership, and cement change.

Then there’s the technical crunch points. These included rationalising production lines with built-in, future-focused capacity for development. Proving metal detect and weigh facilities to meet new quality standards and improving the product portfolio profitability.

With razor-sharp clarity we were able to bravely challenge and restructure the project plan and reallocate costs. The results? Full integration of all design, installation, commissioning, and learning in less time for less money. And a smoother roll-out for all involved.

The airtight launch of Jordans’ resealable pouches reinvigorated the product portfolio and re-established the brand recognition and quality positioning in a mature market. Delighted customers soon woke up to the new packaging and the delectable clusters made their way to more breakfast tables than ever before. Increasing sales and shelf-life by the bowlful!

What’s more, we left our trademark lasting legacy with a project process blueprint that Jordans can use again. That’s what builds client loyalty that’s sealed for life.

“Why do I choose Coriolis? For targeted, focussed improvement programmes and personal engagement that gets results, there’s no one better.”

Pete Trundley, Supply Chain Director

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