Performance management software

Minimum Input, Maximum Output

Mimo is the cloud-based software that helps FMCG professionals get stats and data on the productivity of their operation. Seamlessly integrating into your factory management system, Mimo is perfect for labour intensive teams with a high staff count.

The best thing about Mimo is that it’s designed to help you swiftly diagnose any problems, plug any gaps and optimise profits by mastering efficiency.

The next best thing is the price — it’s cost-effective. Most factory management software will set you back over £100k per site. Mimo costs around a third of the wage-bill of an average factory employee.

Your FD will thank you.

Operations should be able to predict financial performance

Mimo enables you to bridge your financial and operational performances so that you can predict the P&L.

Mimo is designed by people who use it to make informed decisions at the appropriate span of control.

Mimo’s flexibility makes it an ideal partner for all of your improvement activity.

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Set up is specific to your business and managed by you

Quick to implement

Data is available from the first day of install

Easy to use

Training is available to support users across the business

One licence

Unlimited use; no limits on set up


Create charts & dashboards to support your site


Use it on any internet enabled device anywhere

Created by experienced experts in food operations, Mimo is a fifth-generation tool, in evolution since 2002.

We’ve accumulated thousands of hours of operational experience in the Food and Drink sector, across hundreds of businesses at all levels of maturity. This knowledge has been used to develop a system that delivers critical and relevant KPIs to the right management team levels, at the right time.

Mimo tracks operational performance across multiple functional areas and allows detailed interrogation and diagnostics of critical indicators and trends. This drives decision making to the front line management which facilitates rapid and effective problem solving.

Mimo lines up with your management structure, to give the right people the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.

Group; Operations Director Accountable for operational performance
Span of Control "Week/Month"
Access to multiple sites within a Group is supported

Site; Production Manager Accountable for "production"
Span of Control "Day/Week"
Access to multiple areas within a site is supported

Area Performance; Supervisor Accountable for an "area" performance
Span of Control "Shift/Day"
This can be a direct area or an indirect area such as despatch of hygiene

Oparators / Team Leaders Accountable for "line/process" team performance
Span of Control "Hour/Shift"
Production data is entered at this level, capturing Output, Downtime & Waste

Mimo doesn’t just report on the OEE metrics of Availability, Performance and Quality, it covers:

  • Productivity – both Direct and Total to include your Indirect areas,
  • Labour Efficiency – linking your operational performance to your P&L
  • Material view – including Giveaway and Yield

Mimo allows you to take control of your data by creating customised charts and dashboards to help compare and contrast the metrics across different Areas/Teams/Product Groups — whatever you need. It also provides a comprehensive set of standard reports, charts and dashboards to help guide you to the essential numbers for your site/s.

Mimo provides Daily/Weekly Operating Reports, which breaks down the metrics you want to improve.

You’ll also have access to downloadable data from every report, including the Production Diary — an in-depth description of shifts, detailing production events by line. That’s everything from down-time to quality.

Performance management has never been this easy. Integrate Mimo into your production and start maximising.

Maximise your production now.