Operational Transformation

for Future-Focused Food & Drink Businesses

People drive change. For your performance to change, your team’s performance must change first. Your people are the keys to your success.

At Coriolis we have extraordinary skills in developing people to deliver excellence. We care about people who care. It’s in our DNA. Our values drive us to challenge, inspire, empower and support them every step of the way.

The result?

A lasting legacy of improved performance, optimised profits and an empowered team.

“Coriolis win the hearts and
minds of the people that we
need them to.”

Richard Nixon, Sodexo

“They help you develop
individuals and teams… when
they step away, things endure.”

John Power

How? We get right to the heart of things


We Evaluate

We find the natural leverage point for change. Then make sure you have the right people in the right positions with the right information to deliver.


We Engage

We bring a mix of honesty, humour and fun, alongside a deep focus on building trust to forge real relationships which earn the hearts and minds of your people.


We Educate

We simplify complexities then transfer the key toolsets, skillsets and understanding to your team. Giving them everything they need to achieve consistently outstanding results.


We Empower

With growing confidence your people will ‘own their work’, make all-important decisions and identify new opportunities. They become more agile and proactively committed to improving.


We Exit

We leave only once the results are evident and your operations are set up for success. You’re left with a dedicated team who add value far beyond the programme and into the future.

‘Operational success is not about leading with data. It’s about leading with people… empowering the right people to use the right data to deliver excellence’


How can we help you?


We tell it as it is.

We lead confidently with honesty, clarity and conviction.


We empower teams.

We revitalise operations by reinvigorating people at a cellular level.


We make it simple.

We identify clear and achievable leverage points for positive change.


We get results.

We leave a lasting legacy of improved performance and optimised profits.

We have transformed operations for

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