The Heavyweight Showdown: Heinz versus Tesco

Considerable footage has been ascribed to the rather public, albeit temporary stand-off between Heinz and Tesco. Much of the commentary has revolved around the scrap between a leading proprietary brand and a goliath of a retailer. Stripping away the boxing match references though leads to some interesting themes surrounding the current domestic food market –… Continue reading The Heavyweight Showdown: Heinz versus Tesco

Challenges Keep Stacking Up For The F&B Industry

There is a lot that’s great about Britain; to admire and be proud about. Increasingly, however, there is much that is sub-optimal, below mediocrity, frustrating, and worrying. The British food system is a sector with much to admire and be proud of too, but it’s an industry that could benefit from an appropriate enabling context… Continue reading Challenges Keep Stacking Up For The F&B Industry

Entering the Storm

April has been a defining moment for British household finances as a rather unholy trinity has kicked in: Home energy costs rose substantially at the start of the month, followed by a step up in national insurance contributions. After much speculation, we’re also now experiencing a demonstrable increase in food prices. Current inflation is the… Continue reading Entering the Storm

Coriolis goes Stateside

Since 2020, the food and beverage (F&B) and food service industries have been hit with several significant structural shocks. The Global Pandemic dealt the first blow, closely followed by acute labour and skills shortages. The subsequent rampant raw material price inflation and the effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have further exacerbated the issues and… Continue reading Coriolis goes Stateside

A brave new HFSS world

For some decades the issue of diet and nutrition and the nation’s well-being has been a matter that has animated policymakers. Vast vested interest and no small spoonful of political doctrine – the sort that likes to tell people what to do for their own good in particular – have clashed over how to bring… Continue reading A brave new HFSS world

Paying the price for Putin’s war

The invasion of Ukraine is appalling. How matters will pan out remains to be seen. But it’s difficult to be optimistic about what it’ll take for Putin to fail and for a new normality to return. Putin may have underestimated the coordination and resolve of “The West” to resist his imperialist advances. Time will tell… Continue reading Paying the price for Putin’s war

Imagine… Food Glorious Food

The UK has a fine food system comprising advanced farming, given our modest agricultural land base. It also has leading-edge, mass-market food manufacturing, amongst the most innovative grocery retailers on the planet, and a food & beverage “F&B” channel that has shaken off the country’s once backward and pariah culinary status. The industry is always… Continue reading Imagine… Food Glorious Food

Will we all be watching Doha in December?

A very Happy New Year to you all from myself, Mark Dudley and all at Coriolis. 2022 brings us the FIFA World Cup finals in Qatar, that hotbed of soccer commencing in November with a final at 3pm on the 18th December. Can the Earl of Tees-side steer England to one step better than the… Continue reading Will we all be watching Doha in December?

High steaks for the meat industry

It would not be difficult to believe that the livestock industry is doomed. Alongside jammed Mexico City freeways, pictures of cows tend to be associated with pollution and the challenges of carbon for the world’s climate. Additionally, there are some that state that eating meat, that is from an animal, is a death sentence. Indeed,… Continue reading High steaks for the meat industry

A Real Life Obstacle Course

Ugh. The term ‘shit show’ is often overused, but for many participants in the British food system, from growers to distribution, it’s probably a bit of an under-statement at this time. The causes of the current operating challenges are multiple but let us be clear, the present UK food industry context is not all about… Continue reading A Real Life Obstacle Course

Labour isn’t working…

Don’t be an ostrich on sustainability…