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Project Manager JD

Job description

Before we delve into the details of the day-to-day role of a Coriolis Project Manager, we wanted to introduce you to the concept of 3-Dimensional Talent which is central in Coriolis’ assessment and selection strategy. So take a look at the fundamental characteristics of our current team and future team members who possess 3-Dimensional Talent…

“a passionate personality”

“a high IQ which creates a platform for mental agility, along with a high level of emotional intelligence providing the edge when it comes to relationship-building”

“an engagement style that engenders trust among stakeholders”

“a decisive, adaptable and pragmatic individual, able to modulate leadership style to get the best out of teams”

“the ability to build a compelling case; building structure around ambiguity and securing commitment through persuasive and influential management style”

At Coriolis, maintaining a light-hearted humorous working relationship with your peers and team is key, as is connecting at an emotional level with your stakeholders, securing their confidence and trust in our approach.

If we are describing you then please take a look at the role in a little more detail…