Do you know how well your sites are performing?

Ben Allen

February 7, 2023 9:50 am
Do you know how well your sites are performing?

Coriolis have over 25 years’ experience within the food sector conducting diagnostics for businesses around the globe. We take pride in understanding the performance level of a site and articulating it in a way that the client team can believe, which helps them to deliver improvements.

Understanding your performance losses and opportunities is key to evolving your business, especially in the current economic state. So, the question is, do you know how well you are performing? Whether that be at a minute, hour, shift, day, week or monthly interval. For some of our clients this can be a challenge, it can be time consuming, heavily reliant on paperwork or even a distraction from the day job. That’s why Coriolis created Mimo. Mimo allows tiered management levels 24hour interaction with the shopfloor, but also the ability to get a grasp on the P&L before it appears at month end.

Like many of our clients, we as a business want to evolve and develop our offerings to new and existing clients. We now offer our Mimo clients a remote operations diagnostic biannually. Many clients will see Mimo as a system that generates pretty graphs and allows shopfloor reporting in the not so new technological world. But is it? Many of our successful Mimo clients use the system as a tool. The system is there to provide information and for that information to be effective it relies heavily on the appropriate review framework, effective meetings and forward results planning. Do you reckon your business does that?

Unlike similar systems, Coriolis use Mimo to engage and provide remote support to clients. We have developed a dedicated team who now analyse Mimo data and build a forward-thinking results plan, with the first few recently hitting clients’ desks in recent weeks. Not only are clients receiving a results plan but also a report on how we analysed the data to identify the opportunities we are proposing.

Many of our Mimo clients have been with us for years and have not all have had the benefit of a Coriolis improvement project. Client teams may have changed, developed, with management moving in and out. Coriois have developed several specific modules to help clients to get the best out of the powerful data that Mimo contains. Some of these new modules include:

  • Daily review meeting effectiveness – coaching and auditing to ensure the right actions are being developed
  • Specialised workshops for key focus areas spotted during the diagnostic – giveaway, downtime, material losses, SMED
  • CI training of interrogating data and spotting trends
  • Workshops to develop the on-site capability of generating results plans
  • On-site diagnostics

Now might be the time to have a fresh and critical look at your operational performance. There has never been a more critical time for effective operations to support your business model. To find out more about how Mimo can help, contact our team.

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