Achieving Excellence

Capital Programme Management

Coriolis is a Corporate Member of the Association for Project Management, and the bulk of our Project Managers are accredited through the APM system. We apply a gated process to development of capital projects from initial scenario development, project planning, procurement, installation and commissioning through to post-project review. We can operate within the existing client systems, or use our in-house processes where more appropriate.


Capital Planning
Combining the skills of our consultancy and capital teams we ensure that your capital plan delivers maximum value. We do this by:

  • validating the business case for investment
  • exploring alternative solutions that could offer higher benefits, lower costs or lower risk
  • recommending an appropriate procurement strategy
  • developing a basis of design ensuring all stakeholders are aligned to a common set of requirements

Managing Projects
Our team of highly experienced project managers and engineers have a great reputation for the successful delivery of multidisciplinary capital projects. We can develop and implement these on your behalf or support your existing team in the role of client representative.

Client Representative
Some of our clients have their own project engineering teams but need extra help when the project is much bigger or complex than usual. Sometimes they want an injection of ‘been-there-done-it’ experience. In these cases, Coriolis will act as client representative; leading and coaching the team to ensure that the project delivers maximum value, on time and within budget.

Operational Readiness
Many well-executed capital projects fail to deliver the expected benefits due to issues with the handover to operations and the subsequent challenges of operating the plant at the planned OEE. We can work with the operational side of a project to ensure that a safe, trained and capable workforce are ready to operate and maintain new assets at the same time as they are commissioned by the suppliers.

Health & Safety
We are dedicated to delivering and maintaining the highest quality and safety standards in everything we do. The practical application of sound health & safety techniques is essential; both to maximise project value and protect our client and their employees.

Product & Process Development
We can help you identify the most appropriate manufacturing technology for your products. Our team have manufacturing and technical experience from a wide range of sectors and we are constantly scanning the horizon for the latest innovations.

Project Audits
Some clients ask us to carry out an independent audit of their own projects to ensure that they are using best practice techniques to deliver the desired outcome. We also check for legislative compliance, particularly with respect to health and safety.

Sometimes our client has an urgent problem with a project or production line that needs fixing – fast. With our in-house team and a network of technical experts, we can assemble a team to diagnose the problem and recommend the most cost-effective solution, and fast!

Principle Designer
In most cases, we can act as Principle Designer as defined under CDM 2015.