Human Capital

Investing in people to create measurable value



Organisation Design, Learning & Development

“All organisations are perfectly designed to get the results they get” is a statement attributed to Deming. At Coriolis our team are abundantly aware that the organisation design and the people that operate within it are the most important cog in the machine. As a result Coriolis have a unique suite of tools and techniques designed around our trademark 3d talent philosophy to ensure the approach to deliver balanced results.

Organisation Design. Ensuring that the mission critical roles are clear and understood and that the overall design of the structure is optimised to deliver the results required. This area can be addressed as a single entity or as key intrinsic part of a broader change journey.

Mission Critical Roles. Once the strategy and aims of the partnership are clear our team will quickly highlight the roles critical, and also the requirements within these roles.

Capability Management Frameworks. Our team will ensure that a clear and distinct process is put into place to manage the internal capability, ensuring the ROI of development is clearly understood and managed appropriately to move to a pull culture on development.

Health, Safety & Environment

The aim of our team is to both work in and build a zero incident culture within the organisation, as a result our team are skilled at building the correct behaviours and leadership in place to drive a zero incident culture.

Coupling the drive on behaviours and leadership with a strong process aspect and roadmap our team will drive through a risk managed environment rather than the traditional approach or incident reviewed. Our team are constantly kept aware fo updates to legislative health, safety and environmental issues and as a result ensure that any activity undertaken has risk management designed in.