Operational Excellence

Creating competitive advantage through your operating platform

Focussed Intervention

Developing a deep understanding of costs and their levers, and driving through sustainable improvements through imparting problem solving mentality and culture into the organisation that will not accept the status quo. Typical areas for focussed intervention activity are;

Productivity Improvement

Improving the productivity of organisation resulting in improved outputs or costs aligned to demand, creating an inquisitive culture built on development of the organisations 3D talent

Rapid Cost Optimisation

Our specialist team can help you in times of crisis. We take a hands-on approach to identifying and implementing quick wins ensuring stabilisation of your business

Task & Process Reengineering

Why seek to continuously improve a process or task that is fundamentally wrong, things change.

Business Intelligence Framework

How many times have you had to make decisions without robust information? Having the right time throughout your business is critical to it’s success. At Coriolis we understand the importance of ‘Intervals of Control’ and can advise your team on how to deliver an effective management system focussed on changing the culture to how the business uses data intelligently to align to strategic requirements

Proactive management of conditions

Drive product and process quality, rather than the traditional approach of quality control. Ensuring that error free conditions are proactively managed delivering a right first time culture built on prevention, not reaction.

Sustainable improvement by aligning the process for effective management of conditions alongside the three dimensional elements of leadership and behaviours ensuring that the organisation do not accept mediocrity in the quality of service to customer