Asset Care

Safe assets achieving full potential

Proactive Care

Ensure that the assets are proactively managed throughout the life cycle, optimising  the Return On Net Assets (RONA). To achieve this end effectively, Coriolis recommends a number of areas are addressed either as a collective or individually;

Asset Management Strategy.

Ensuring that the asset are appropriately managed to maintain them at optimal costs.

Team competency.

Being clear on the competency levels required to ensure both current and future needs are considered

Spares Optimisation.

Ensuring that the retained and required parts to maintain the asset base are appropriately and effectively managed

Resource Planning & Scheduling. 

Making the resource planning fit for purpose at the right cost base

Autonomous Care

Building a new level of ownership within the organisation for both assets and processes, ensuring that a culture of continuous and consistent improvement is embedded as a behavioural aspect

The Coriolis process of embedding an autonomous care culture centres around building a deep awareness and understanding of how the assets or processes work, then once the understanding is built the people are well positioned to understand the critical elements that need to be cared for to ensure business continuity and as importantly how they should be maintained and improved