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I was introduced to Coriolis through a colleague of mine a few years ago and have been working with the team ever since. The team at Coriolis is different than other consultancies in their space.  They are not only experts in waste elimination and process optimisation across lean manufacturing, supply chain, and overall operations, but they have a strong sense for the process of transformation. They understand what management systems and organisational capabilities, mindsets and behaviour are needed to make change stick and ensure sustainability.   They are not afraid to be objective in their assessment and are always true to their convictions. They have a high degree of professionalism and are very collaborative, willing to go the extra mile to help their client. As a result, they deliver and will continue to be a partner of choice to help transform and improve operations across our portfolio.

Sebastien Katch, Operations Executive, L'Catterton

Coriolis proved to be very effective partners to IPN.  In the initial stages they were extremely efficient at identifying the key foundations that were required to build capability and trust with the operations team, but also begin to generate results that provided further confidence for the rest of the journey.  Their consultants used simple, but effective tools and techniques and always implemented these with a very hands-on approach that really helped the team to raise its performance.  The Coriolis team were very open and transparent with their communications at all levels, which avoided misalignment in the operations team, but also ensured that the senior team at IPN both understood and bought into the approach.  This no-nonsense approach worked very well in our fast-growing organisation, where the pace of change was already very high.

Richard Page, Chief Executive, Inspired Pet Nutrition

Coriolis were recommended to us through our owners, Noble Foods, and I knew from the outset that their approach, honesty and expertise were a great match for Gu. This project was just 16 weeks and intended to address a very specific issue but the potential for greater improvements that have been revealed along the journey has shown us that true Manufacturing Excellence is now within our grasp. Thanks to the change in culture, methods and approach affected by Coriolis, we are more than prepared for fluctuations in demand and better prepared for continued growth.

Mark Escolme, Global Managing Director, Gu Puds

One of Coriolis’ key strengths is their ability to put the right team together to work in different environments and cultures. They also have a wide range of capabilities. Capex management, lean manufacturing, performance management systems, logistics, management coaching — you name it, they can do it. They are also fun to work with.

John Power, Chief Operating Officer, Symingtons

Coriolis team’s results were impressive. A comprehensive list of improvements made include increasing our fermentation capacity by better use of existing assets, reduced packaging, improved supply chain costs and better inventory planning.

As a direct result of their success, Coriolis are now working with other ABF Ingredient companies in the USA and Germany.

Vice President, Global Supply Chain, AB Enzymes

The difference with working with Coriolis was that not only did we deliver sustainable savings, but more importantly for me, I achieved huge personal growth. It was probably one of the most difficult and ultimately rewarding things that I have done in my career. Askeys has gone from strength to strength in Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and people engagement since working with Coriolis.

Askeys’ recent employee survey has revealed an improvement in engagement for the 3rd year in a row. Sarah Arrowsmith commented on how the site was at the bottom of the silvers spoon sites 5 yrs ago, in terms of employee survey results, and is now at the top!

Abs Khan, Site Manager, Askeys

The various projects that I have engaged Coriolis in have involved the team from the offset. Essentially, we identify functional champions that take accountability for delivering improvements through their teams. This by no means diminishes the responsibility of Coriolis who form an integral part of the team throughout the change programme. Not only did Coriolis support my team with invaluable coaching and training workshops throughout the programme but continue to advise well after completion. I enjoy working with Coriolis, which makes being challenged easier.

Produce World, General Manager, Produce World

I have worked with Coriolis on a number of different projects over the course of 6 years. On each project the Coriolis team has significantly improved the profitability of the business unit concerned, leaving a management team in place that has been up-skilled sufficiently to deliver a sustainable improvement plan.

I consider the first Coriolis project that I was involved in as one of the best personal development processes I have been through, and I would wholeheartedly recommend the Coriolis approach to any food manufacturer that is serious about improving the profitability and management capability of their business.

Bakkavor, Manufacturing Manager, Bakkavor

Coriolis worked on a complex operational strategy review, with numerous stakeholders’ views to take into account.  I have been impressed with their exceptional ability to understand the business issue and to get to grips with them immediately.

Coriolis have brought clarity to the proposals and recommendations and they have given us the ability to come to a swift conclusion.

Mike Sheldon, Managing Director - Dairy, Food, FMCG, Dairy Crest

We can now realise the competitive advantage that we have gained through this programme.

Nicholas Hanson, PGP International, CEO

We were impressed that Coriolis addressed the deeper rooted structural and organisational issues rather then picking the low hanging fruit!

Martin Klitgaard, CFO/Head of Finance German Bakeries, ARYZTA

Coriolis don’t just look at measurable gains their scope includes ‘soft’ impact issues. There has been lots of training and coaching in how to use the tools and internalise the changes being made. Working with the Coriolis team not only gives us access to their resources, knowledge, tools and best practice but it’s been an enjoyable experience too! A truly positive outcome.

Rita Jurgeleit, Global HR Director, Ohly GMBH Hamburg

Coriolis were initially engaged to assess how we could improve the operational cost structure within one of our Manufacturing sites. After presenting their findings back to the Board, they were quickly engaged to complete analysis activities at our other two manufacturing sites, such was the excitement generated by their initial findings, and the strategic development proposals that they made.

Since then Coriolis have been an intrinsic part of developing the Manufacturing Strategy that we intend to implement over the next 5 years. Forming part of the team and supporting our strategy development workshops, they were able to help us to shape our future by bringing their experience and the very latest Food Industry thinking to our table. The independence of thought that they brought to the process was invaluable. We have now reached a stage in our relationship with Coriolis where we have agreed an Improvement Support Package for a 3 year period in order to ensure we make our Supply Chain as efficient as possible, whilst developing the skills within our Operational teams.

Pete Trundley, Supply Director, Jordans Ryvita