Pestaurant cuisine: getting into entomophagy

February 28, 2017 2:37 pm
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At first it seemed like any other novelty foodstuff, a well-intentioned talking point but unlikely to reach most mainstream retailer’s shelves anytime soon.

With scientific backing that they ‘could be healthy’, are certainly sustainable, and bring another level of shock value, they’re a worthy addition to any trend list. The problem is that these bizarre and outlandish food ideas rarely have the staying power to entice western consumers. Either that, or we just wouldn’t know how to use them effectively in our own cooking.

If I’m bugging you by now, I’ll get to the point. Critters, or more specifically, crickets. They’re easy to farm with a crunchy and nutty flavour, not to mention they pack more than twice the protein of beef gram for gram, and significantly more vitamin B12, iron, magnesium and essential amino acids. We might assume crickets are a niche ingredient, but my favourite political pie pusher Pieminister has jumped on the bandwagon with their latest creation. ‘The Hopper’, a cricket and black bean pie with tomato, sour cream, chipotle chilli, coriander and lime is available for a limited time in celebration of British Pie Week which runs from 6th to 11th March.

Is this a trend you’re willing to try, or will you be scuttling out of this one?


Written by Shalane Kerr, Coriolis Ltd

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