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Coriolis Careers

Are you interested in a career that invests in you and is committed to your professional and personal development?


The success you’ve achieved makes you fortunate enough to have many opportunities. We hope you’ll give serious consideration to the possibilities that await you at Coriolis.

We are challenged to compete against the large firms with their scale, reputations and financial clout. Hence, we have nurtured an agile culture that enables us to respond quickly and intelligently to change where larger firms struggle to decouple their processes.

We’ve spent much time considering what makes Coriolis unique as many firms offer; proven methodology, experienced well-educated teams and we are no exception to this. However we are pragmatic people with personality which adds a very different dynamic to both our business and our delivery.

  • Are you an engaging leader with a logical approach to problem solving or a “people person” with personality and pragmatism in equal measure?
  • Can you keep your head and deliver to tight schedules when others are losing theirs?
  • Do you want to work with remarkable people whose company you will enjoy outside of work?
  • Are you accomplished but keen for the opportunity to grow?
  • Are you intellectually hungry?
  • Do you want the challenge offered by the “Big 4” without the boundaries?

If you are interested in a challenging career that invests in you and is committed to your continued professional and personal development then we might just have the position for you. We realise that our point of differentiation isn’t our process but the people we employ to apply it, and we need more talented people who are prepared to go that extra mile in pursuit of excellence.
So If you think you have that Coriolis gene, let us help you activate it and release your full potential

Business as usual, always a questionable stance that has never been and never will be a viable option for us. We thrive on challenge, do you?

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