Coriolis Europe

Who We Are

Who we are
A Global consultancy that is passionate about taking on challenges that matter to you. Our people are our greatest asset; their approach is hands-on, pragmatic and highly personable so they speak your language.

What we do
Our scope, experience and knowledge allow us to address problems that few can. We provide Improvement where we consider sustainability a bare minimum.

Who we do it for

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What do they think
“Coriolis don’t just look at measurable gains their scope includes ‘soft’ impact issues. There has been lots of training and coaching in how to use the tools and internalise the changes being made. Working with the Coriolis team not only gives us access to their resources, knowledge, tools and best practice but it’s been an enjoyable experience too! A truly positive outcome.”

Rita Jurgeleit, HR Director – Ohly GMBH Hamburg


“We were impressed that Coriolis addressed the deeper rooted structural and organisational issues rather then picking the low hanging fruit!”

Martin Klitgaard, Finance Director – Ohly GMBH Hamburg