What can I expect from a career with Coriolis?

Colleague journeys


Amir Sadreddini, Head of Talent & Culture in Australia:

Career progression just isn’t restricted at Coriolis; no bounds or limits are set around you achieving your goals. In a nutshell, my typical day is often demanding but always rewarding. I develop a team of Consultants, ensuring that their work reflects the Coriolis values and their day-to-day activities are building and broadening their learning. I am actively involved in developing and implementing the strategy for Coriolis as a business, running the PMO for initiatives driving business growth.

As a Project Manager I could be managing up to 3 projects at any one time across multiple industries (and sometimes geographies). Client Intimacy is key, and a large part of my role involves building and nurturing relationships with our clients to ensure a partnership in the truest sense. These client relationships also help me to broaden my knowledge of where Coriolis can support in developing the business in the future.

Having the opportunity to work in Australia and establish our business in this new market has been a personal highlight. I am now based out in Australia and was recently appointed Head of Talent & Culture, I feel immensely proud that I have played an integral role in establishing our client base here; we’ve come a long way in the past three years. My experience in Australia has been brilliant, both from a personal and professional perspective; I’ve had the opportunity to manage projects all over the country and even in Auckland, NZ. Our projects are always fast-paced and exciting, and the sunshine is certainly an added bonus.


Alex Fitzgerald, Consultant in Europe:

During my 8 months thus far with Coriolis, I’ve worked on two very different, very interesting projects. On each project I’ve been challenged, delivering findings and recommendations to the Board and delivering hard, measurable changes on the shop floor. This variety and the desire to develop new skills are just some of the reasons I was attracted to a career with Coriolis.

In the past I’ve heard Consultants working for other firms say that they feel isolated, which in turn has meant that they don’t feel supported to develop themselves professionally. That absolutely hasn’t been the case for me; I’m connecting with the wider business on a couple of occasions per month, and my manager takes an avid interest in my wellbeing. There is always somebody pushing me and coaching me to lay out and pursue my professional goals.

Our internal focus on 3-Dimensional Talent means that we practice what we preach, supporting and always acting as an enabler for peers and juniors. Whilst on client sites, we are demonstrating the leadership and managerial behaviours that our client teams may be lacking. This could mean challenging failing standards, or pushing through a difficult process of change. But personally I like having these high standards to live up to, as it encourages me to push myself every day.