Achieving Excellence

Engineering & Asset Care

CMMS Design and Installation
Many CMMS’s packages fail soon after implementation (as many as 70%). This may be because the system specified didn’t meet the businesses needs or the business didn’t understand the effort required in populating and managing the system once installed. It’s understandable given the range of systems available from simple planning tools to complex integrated Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM’s). Coriolis do and can help you specify, implement and coach and train staff in the use of systems pre and post implementation. Ensuring that you select the right system for you and get a return on your investment.

Utilities Cost Control
Every year £2.4 Billion – at least 10% of the total spent by UK Business is wasted. Energy awareness campaigns can reduce energy costs by between 5-10% of the current energy bill. Coriolis can help you develop energy awareness campaigns and teams that ensure that you control energy use on an ongoing basis.

Capital Projects Management Process
Coriolis have a unique capability in capital project delivery in that not only can they deliver the capital project but they can ensure that the operational and maintenance needs of the business post project are delivered alongside. Ensuring that when the plant starts it starts first time!

Organisational Structures
Coriolis can help to develop your organisational structure to ensure that it supports your engineering strategy and that you get the best out of your personnel at the optimal cost.

Team Development and Coaching
Getting the best out of the engineering teams wide range of skills with different life experiences can be difficult, as the experiences gained by individuals can cloud the team effort towards a business’ goals.

Maintenance and Spares Management
Coriolis can help you optimise your stock levels at single sites or across multiples freeing up working capital tied up stock and reducing warehousing costs through the application of a range of techniques such as ABC analysis, the rewriting of stock naming conventions and the application POISSON.

Autonomous Maintenance
Companies adopting the autonomous approach to maintenance have benefited from a reduction in direct maintenance cost and an increase in OEE. Coriolis can help develop an autonomous approach to maintenance through coaching and training in new techniques and the development of autonomous management systems.

Maintenance Strategy Development
Unplanned asset failures and breakdowns can significantly affect a business’ bottom line. Coriolis can help you develop a Maintenance Strategy that meets your business’ needs and ensures that you achieve the highest potential OEE at the optimal maintenance cost.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) will enable you to understand the cause of failure and put in place actions to prevent any future reoccurrence.